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  • 22-04-2022

    Welcome to the scheduled Maintenance with the Patch Notes 1.1 of the 22th of April 2022!


    • World bosses are now shown on the minimap the same way than Giants
    • The "Guild" chat colour has been changed to blue
    • Changed the maximum time for stacking power-ups to 6 hours instead of 5. Linear number and goes better with love chocolates as they can be used for 2 hours.
    • Reduced the "Shout" cooldown from 20 seconds to 5 seconds to make the chat look more lively
    • lowered "Gullah's auto attack damage. This is a masquerpet that can be found in the Forsaken Tower B2
    • Changed the protection time of a loot from 30 seconds to 300 seconds
    • Increased the Spawn of all normal type monsters for example for "Aibatts" not captain or small. This change will help out all the Achievement Hunters out there to fulfill their dreams!
    • Accomodated the EXP gain of the "Giants" inside the Dekane Mines. You are now gaining more EXP than before. (makes the whole mine more attractive)
    • Added Scroll of Amplification to the Red Chip Shop for 250 RC each and to the PvP Rumble Manager for 150 Emblems
    • Added Scroll of Amplification to the Red Chip Shop for 250 RC each and to the PvP Rumble Manager for 150 Emblems
    • Changed Historic Staff and Guardian Staff to the following effects: G-Staff to 10% DCT and +15 INT, Historic Staff to 15% DCT and 7% ATK
    • Fixed some visual map issue with the Water near Darkon 1
    • Increased the damage output of the "Wheelem" Masquerpet line-up. They were previously too low and barely hit anything
    • Added a decent amount of EXP to all Rangdas in Madrigal
    • Event Upcuts and Event Scroll of Holys are now working as intended
    • Decreased the damage output of the Aminus "Giants" by 15%
    • Adjusted the Collecting values of some items in the collectorfield
    • Increased Billposter's level 120 Yakadain Knuckle which can be dropped at the Clockworks Room to +20 STA instead of 10. Reason: to make the difference between a Angel Knuckle and a Yakadain Knuckle clearer while also not creating a huge gap between these two weapons
    • Increased the Droprate of "Flower Eggs" which are required for the Easter Event
    • NEW! Added a "warning" window before confirming your fashion combination 
    • NEW! Added a new window to use random stat scrolls at the NPC Peach in Flaris
    • Increased the spawns in the Easter World
    • Added the Scrolls of STR/STA/DEX and INT to the Colosseum, Red Chip and Gamemaster Vendor/Shop
    • Added Beads of Wisdom level 1 and 2 to the Easter exchange NPC
    • Added Powder of Merlin to the Easter Event NPC as exchange reward
    • Added a new Notification upon opening a Masquerpet Treasure Box which will inform you that the treasue may also be "empty" or contain now items
    • Added the Premium Cloak Box and Lucky Sunglasses Box to the Easter Event NPC Exchange
    • Added the Azria Ticket 1 Day to the Easter Event NPC
    • Increased all the Egg Consumables dropping from the Easter World Monsters
    • Added level 65+ Masquerpet Giants to the Easter Event Map
    • Nerfed the Volcano Masquerpets "Meteonyker" and "Cyclops X". They should now deal less damage.
    • Nerfed all "World Bosses" to make them more "beginner-friendly".


    • Reverted all masquerpet giants to their original rank. Now masquerpet giants cannot be attacked by different parties and will be visible again on the mini map.
    • Masquerpet Giants now drop once again Lykan Coins at level 105 and higher
    • PvP Rumbles Server Announcement should be working as intended now
    • Votes will correc